Chairman & Senior Community Representative:

Mr Andrew Leonard *

Chairman of Trustees (96 -)

Effra Road Chapel

Principal & Senior Community Leader:

Mr Julian Smith, LLB, DBTS (Oxon), Barrister

Minister, Effra Road Chapel (92 -)

Head, LIFC Chambers

Advisors’ Representative:

Mrs Barbara Bilson, LLB, Solicitor

Senior Partner, BH Solicitors                  

Sessional Manager:

Sue Young

LIFC Barristers

* Brixton Legal Centre is the trading name of Andrew Leonard

Service & Complaints

BLC aims to operate at the highest standards in terms of the quality of its advice and the overall service provided. In the unlikely event anyone should feel dissatisfied with any aspect of the service they receive, they should write to:

Mr Andrew Leonard


Brixton Legal Centre

Effra Road Chapel

63 Effra Road


London SW2 1BZ

The complaint letter should include:

* the complainant’s full name and address;

* the date of the letter;

* what the complaint is about;

* and what the complainant would like doing about it.

The complaint will be dealt with by BLC itself in the case of administration, or forwarded to our lawyers in the case of their advice and conduct.

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